Aqua culture

Re-circulated trout farm with 700 tons annual capacity.
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The global catch of seafood for human consumption and fishmeal according to FAO is below 100 million tons/year. A larger catch would ruin the balance of nature. With a total seafood consumption in 2003 around 120 million tons more than 20 million tons were farmed based on aquaculture.

The INTERCOOL Group is supplying the latest aquaculture technology based on re-circulated systems. All functions are computer controlled securing the fish and prawns optimal growth conditions and avoiding deceases.

The INTERCOOL Group is designing new fish farms as well as up-grading existing re-circulated farms to a higher capacity and profitability. Our technology saves around 99% of the water due to a highly efficient water treatment plant without the use of chemicals.

The need for fish farms will be growing rapidly the coming years.
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