Meat processing

Complete lines or single machinery. The manufacturers in the INTERCOOL Group are making machinery and equipment for the meat and fish industries, so that the group can supply single machines and equipment, as well as complete production lines for all meat and fish products, right from the raw materials till the finished packed product ready for the supermarket, whether fresh, cooked and/or frozen.

The final packaging may also be in the form of sliced products which can be stacked or shingled and vacuum packed or packed with controled atmosphere (map).

To secure your investment we are ready to let our food technologists discuss your proposed product with you and if required, to perform tests in the test kitchen on full size machinery (not in pilot plants).

To support you during the start-up of your new plant and to secure a safe running of the plant, we have 24 hours service and maintenance engineering assistance, who can be called around the clock 7 days a week.

Arabic, english and danish languages are spoken.